eBay sellers are always looking for more sales. The question is how to best accomplish it.


eBay and all of eCommerce selling is very competitive and getting more competitive daily. Everything is about getting found in search. Better search results gets your products seen by more shoppers. More shoppers looking at your items, means you sell more and turn your inventory over more quickly. A faster turn over rate means means the money you invest in products, gets back in your bank account faster.

eBay has a program that gives eBay Store owners and Top Rated sellers an edge in eBay search and sales. It is Promoted Listings.

eBay sales power has arrived with Promoted Listings for single quantity items!

Promoted Listings is eBay’s paid search initiative. Previously only multi quantity items could be boosted in this paid search service.  As of 8/10/2017 single items except Motors fitment are now eligible for this popular program. Qualifying sellers are in control of what and how they promote their listings using Promoted Listings.

eBay store owners and Top Rated sellers can create Campaigns through Promoted Listings. It’s up to the seller to include a few or all their eligible listings. Sellers only pay eBay a Promoted Listings fee if the shopper clicks the item through the promotion and buys the exact item within 30 days of the initial click. Any other items that the shopper buys, benefits the seller with NO additional eBay sales fee over the usual listing and final value fees.

To use Promoted Listings, you go to your Marketing tab in Seller Hub. Click Promoted Listings. Then chose to “Create A New Campaign” Creating a campaign is the process of selecting listings to be promoted.

It’s wise to tightly niche each eBay Promoted Listing Campaign.

The reason for tightly grouping Campaigns is that by putting similar items into the same Campaign, it’s easier to analyse data and results. When Campaigns are set up over several categories, you can still get sales but it’s a more time consuming process to evaluate the effectiveness of the Campaign’s results.

eBay recommends that sellers chose the Prevailing Rate when setting up a Campaign. This is the price to get the best search result for the item selected. If the seller has very tight margins it is totally acceptable to select a lower rate. Realize a lower rate will mean the item will not be boosted in search as frequently. A lower search rate can still be effective for sellers. Sellers can also bump the rate they are charged up a bit over the prevailing rate.

It’s worth it to experiment and see if a slightly higher rate brings better sales results. Here is a Youtube from eBay on how to set up a Campaign easily and quickly for Promoted Listings.

The Promoted Listings dashboard shows your Campaign(s). Sellers have data on their overall impressions, click and sales for all their Promoted Listings Campaigns. In addition eBay sellers can access the statistics for each Campaign. Campaign results will vary. For instance, Campaign 1 has a a 1000-1 ratio for impressions to clicks, for Campaign 2 it’s 2000-1. If you note a very high number of impressions with no clicks, it’s worthwhile to analyse the listing(s) for  price, quality of photos and keywords. Used this way Promoted Listings is an awesome tool to flag under performing items.

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Winning with Promoted Listings
eBay’s Promoted Listings boosts your listings in eBay search for great visibility and sales.  Using it, you are set up with a powerful dashboard to gauge and monitor your sales success. You have strategic data to make powerful changes to your listings to increase your sales.

eBay’s sales powerhouse Promoted Listings has arrived. Get on board now and ignite your eBay sales!