Entrepreneurs will say to me, “Kathy, my ebay sales are down, what do I do?”

If they have an ebay store one of the first places I’ll look to help them increase their sales is at their ebay store categories.

As an ebay store seller ebay gives you 300 categories to use to organize your products.

The categories you chose matter. They help your customer find your items and also buy more than one item from you when they are shopping in your store.

I have found the two best ways to pick ebay store categories is first to check the ebay site and see what ebay category ebay is using with my item.

After I’ve done then I look at the large brick and mortar store websites. Macy’s  is one of my favorite places to go. I had pajamas and robes to sell for the Christmas season.

On Macy’s site the way they list ladies pajamas is under the primary category Women’s Clothing. The subcategory they use is pajamas and robes. So that’s what I used!

Macy’s spends thousands of dollars researching keywords. So, being a savvy seller I take advantage of their research! If I sold fishing equipment I’d be looking at Bass Pro Shop. Get the idea?

Your ebay store categories do not show in your store until you put an item into the category. Each item can be placed in two ebay store categories, so consider that when you’re setting up your categories.

For instance back to my pajamas and robes. My ladies pink pajamas went into the pajamas and robes category and I also had a Christmas Gifts  ( with a Gifts for Her sub category).

Now once your categories are set up in your manage my store you can click to alphabetize your categories or sort by which category has the most items to appear at the top.
ebay tutorial how to set up, and then organize your store categories

I chose to alphabetize my ebay store categories and I find most successful sellers I recently surveyed do the same. After I alphabetize my store categories I then manually order one or two categories by dragging them to the top of my store categories to feature that category.

For instance at Christmas and the Holiday season I drag my Christmas category to the top. After Christmas I keep my Christmas category and alphabetize it and I drag Valentines Day to the top of the list.

Here’s a short YouTube video I did to show you easily how to do this!

So, with some quick research you can pick keyword rich ebay store categories and order those categories to help shoppers find your products easily and to browse your items increasing your potential sales and the size of your sales!

Here is a link to a recording of an appearance I did on the ebay radio show on February 10th explaining all these tips in detail for you.

ebay radio show appearance I did discussing optimizing your ebay store categories!

If shoppers can’t find your items they can’t buy them!