eBay‘s Fall seller update was released August 30, 2016 with good news for sellers!

eBay‘s razor sharp focus is on facilitating an awesome shopping experience for customers. Satisfied customers makes for increased sales and happy sellers.

To facilitate this great customer experience, eBay is continuing to use structured data in new and innovative ways. To  further develop a great browsing experience for shoppers, sellers will be required to use UPC’s and product identifiers for many categories when listing NEW and manufacturer refurbished items starting February 2017.  In addition to UPCs and GTIN’s, sellers will be able to use ASIN ( Amazon standard identification numbers,), Google product identifier and private label self generated numbers.

eBay Radio Show hosted senior eBay staff to discuss these upcoming changes.
There will more information concerning this requirement coming later this Fall 2016.

Used items will not be required to use product identifiers.

Structured Data Is Key!

Structured Data Is Key!

As of the Fall of 2016 sellers with catalogs of products will be able to import their catalog to eBay. When importing their items, seller’s will receive and ePID eBay Product identifier. ePID’s enable sellers items to qualify for eBay Product reviews and other benefits.

The returns process will have more options!

Returns process is better!

Returns process is better!

Starting in October 2016 sellers will be able to quickly and easily offer exchanges and or replacements to buyers.
Return preferences are being updated so that a seller can automate this process if so desired.

eBay continues to remind sellers that active content will not be supported as of June 2017.

June 17 Deadline For Active Content!

June 17 Deadline For Active Content!

With June 17, 2017 many, many, months away eBay sellers have plenty of time to remove JavaScript and other active content from their listings. Removing the active content makes seller’s  eBay listings more mobile friendly. eBay is a leader in the mobile shopping market with millions of uploads of it’s popular mobile app.

eBay has a tip sheet for sellers to optimize their listings for mobile.

eBay’s Seller Hub will house all eBay’s seller tools.

It's all in Seller Hub!

It’s all in Seller Hub!

eBay will be retiring Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro in the Spring of 2017.

The basic functions of these tools will migrate to Seller Hub. The same is true of Turbo Lister which is being retired in June of 2017.

In addition to changes with Product Identifiers, the continuing need to be mobile friendly, and upcoming changes in seller tools, eBay is tweaking it’s product categories.

With this year’s Fall Seller update, eBay continues to push it’s entire platform to more and more changes that make for an even greater shopping experience for customers.

To that end there are upgrades and changes to what is best for eBay seller’s listings.

If you’re unsure of what impacts your eBay business I have a FREE tip sheet eBay Fall Seller Update Insider Tips that walks you step by step through the update.

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