As of June 1 eBay is turning off Active Content.

What does that mean to sellers?

Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Active Content?

Simply put, Active Content is Java Script or Flash. In older style eBay listings Active Content could have been used for popular scrolling galleries, cross selling widgets and apps.

Years ago colorful listings with moving parts were considered desirable. That has changed with the modern emphasis on mobile shoppers.

To be “Mobile Optimized” or “Mobile Friendly” one of the things that sellers want is a lean pared down listing to get sales.

Part of being mobile optimized for sellers, is creating eBay listings free of Active Content that are easy to navigate without “finger yoga” on mobile devices.

Active Content can make listings load slower.  Slower load time leads to frustrated shoppers and abandoned searches and shopping carts. Active Content can also make listings and eBay less secure.

So, bye bye active content. Welcome a safer and faster eBay that is mobile shopper friendly.
Since eBay announced it’s intention to deactivate all Active Content June 1, 3rd party applications have been working quickly to create apps and listing templates that are mobile friendly and free of Java Script and Flash. To my best understanding all eBay approved 3rd party applications CURRENT products are free of active content.  HTML and CSS are fine to use, while Java Script and Flash are not. Contact the service providers you use and ask if their offerings are free of Active Content.

Let’s break it down. What should a successful eBay seller do?

Find out of if your current eBay listings have active content. eBay has emailed sellers Active Content information several times in the past year.

I find this tool is excellent for easily finding whether or not there is Active Content in an eBay listings:
Using the Isdntek Active Content testing tool, test a few of your eBay listings.
If your listings are free of Active Content, yeah! Keep listing and selling!
Like many sellers. if you discover that you have Active Content, as you have time remove it. Active Content will be deactivated by eBay June 1. Deactivating content does not remove it from your listing. It makes it inactive. The “dead” inactive content should have no effect for many sellers. It’s there in your listing but it’s not doing anything. I checked with several listing experts eBay staff and non eBay staff and they all said dead Active Content will not effect the loading time of eBay listings.
Jim “The Griff” Griffith discusses this during this April 2017 Facebook Live for eBay For Business

When the Active Content is turned off some sellers may find their listings look “wonky”. Words can be scrambled and other effects. If that is the case you will want to revise your listings and take the Flash and or Java Script out of your listing.

I explain how to edit your listings quickly in this  YouTube, How To Easily & Quickly Remove Active Content From Your eBay Listings.

If  you have a lot of listings that are impacted when Active Content is turned off, you may want to hire someone to edit your listings. Virtual Assistant services like FreeeUp can be a cost effective choice in that you are billed by the hour for XX number of listings. FreeeUp rates start at $7 an hour. Crazy Lister listing service claims using it’s template service will remove Active Content from your listing. You would need to subscribe to their listing service, which starts at $20 per month for 100 listings. Frootion Offers  a package to remove Active Content from listings from $149. Sellers have a listing review with a Frooition team member to discuss options and costs.

As Griff states clearly in the eBay For Business video if your listings look fine once Active Content is turned off, you need do NOTHING. If you wish to remove Active Content regardless of it’s impact, the above suggestions can help you chose wisely. If your listings do look strange after June 1 from Active Content being turned off, again the above choices can guide you in your decision making process. Remember you can edit the listings yourself using my YouTube.

By no longer supporting Active Content, eBay listings are more mobile friendly and safer.

More mobile friendly is ALWAYS good for sellers!