One of the biggest mistakes you can make starting your online business is to not buy your eBay store or Etsy shop dot-com name! 

1-You don’t want someone else owning your store name!

After you’ve worked long and hard developing a brand and presence on social media using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and on eBay and Etsy you don’t want someone else to own your name!


You don;t want someone else to own your name!

You don’t want someone else to own your name!

2-Owning your dot-com is also a great way to help Search Engines Find you!

Google, Yahoo and Bing search find your online products! Once you purchase your name you can use it to direct online traffic to your eBay or Etsy store! 

3- You’ll find that owning the dot-com to your online business is very handy!

You can easily use it on social media and on your business cards! Rather than you having the long, long http address from your Etsy or eBay http address, now you are able to print on your business cards and on your social media posts! With a short easy to remember dotcom address it’s far easier for you to give out your name to shoppers. It also speaks to your professionalism as a seller. You can tell customers and vendors, find me at!

You can put your on your business cards!

You can put your on your business cards!

4- It’s Easy To Purchase Your Name!

Go to sites like Go Daddy or Host Gator and buy your name. You don’t need the large assortment of add ons they will offer. Google for coupons as there are usually many for both sites.

5- What To Do With Your Dot-Com Once You Buy It!

Once you have purchased your name go to your domain dashboard and look for the link to refer traffic from your purchased address.

You will copy and paste your eBay or Etsy store address and confirm.
Give it a few minutes to process. Then enjoy Googling your store name and watch the internet search engines find your eBay or Etsy shop and store!

6- What A Deal!

For under $20 you have given Google, Yahoo and Bing a boost to find you and your online sales items. You have also made it easier for yourself to promote your online products on social media and to present yourself professionally on a business card!

Good job!