Back to school shopping is over. Halloween shopping is in full swing on eBay. Sellers are messaging me, “Kathy my sales are slow. What should I do?”

So, I answer, “It’s time to sort through your eBay inventory and discover in demand items!”

Whats sells in October? #eBay

Many eBay sellers think that Halloween is solely packaged costumes.

Many sellers think that Halloween is solely packaged costumes, traditional Halloween decor and candy. So, yes, all those products sell right now. But, shoppers are looking for that and more. Examine your merchandise carefully. Do you have clothing that could be used in a costume? Can  your fashion items lend themselves to being a hippie, tacky tourist, zombie or princess? So, once you’re done sorting through your clothing, look at the accessories you have to sell. Consider your hats, belts, bags, and shoes. People often go straight from work to a Halloween costume event. The New York Times has ideas on dressing for work and then heading to your favorite Halloween party.

Your perfect scarf, or flamboyant piece of jewelry can transform the wearer into a costumed party attendee!

So, for your higher priced items, it is worthwhile to revise them. Add Halloween and costume themed keywords. Holiday keywords get you sales. Terapeak’s professional seller research tool SEO Pro gives you the best eBay search keywords and Google keywords for search and sales results. HERE is my affiliate link to test SEO Pro out for yourself!

Accessories are eBay big sellers now! #HalloweenCostume

eBay offers the perfect scarf, or flamboyant piece of jewelry that turns the wearer into a costumed party attendee!

If you have an eBay store, group items perfect for a costume in a Promotion using Promotions ManagerWith a Promotion, you receive a shareable link and url address for social media. You gain additional exposure for your listings if you’re a Top Rated Seller and/or eBay Store Owner with eBay’s paid search option Promoted Listings.

Along with fun costume pieces, shoppers are looking to decorate their home and work spaces for Halloween. I’ve compiled pages of products that shoppers want to buy now. You may have them in your inventory, but are missing out on how to showcase them to shoppers.

Use my gift to you, your own copy of Hot Halloween Product Tips guide.


Hot Halloween Product Tips



Armed with my gift of your own Hot Halloween Product Tips you’ll know which items in your current inventory are popular now.

You’ll also know what to be on the lookout for as your shop thrift and retail stores for in demand inventory.

Not finding hot merchandise to sell locally?

Look at top quality wholesale cases and pallets with BULQ. BULQ sells wholesale inventory with a detailed manifest, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Showcase your Fall/Halloween on hand inventory, tweaking keywords, using Promotions Manager, social media and Promoted Listings. With my Hot Halloween Product Tips guide, you’ll be alert to great inventory locally and wholesalers so you can add items that will sell NOW.

Bring on the Halloween sales!