So, if you’re having a slow Summer sellers, now is the time to re-group. Let’s turn slow sales into awesome sales.

You need to take action to increase your Summer sales now.
Here we go!
If your online sales are terrific, good! Keep doing what you are doing.
But, if you are like many sellers, experiencing a slowdown in Summer sales, let’s get to work and turn your sales around.

#1 Mistake Sellers Make That Slows Summer Sales!

Check prices!

Your prices can lose you online sales! #eBaySalesTip

Check prices if your sales are slow!

Have you checked the price on your product? Have you looked at it with a Google search on the web and not just the site you sell on?

Yes folks may pay a bit more on Amazon if they are Amazon Prime, but if it’s $5 cheaper on eBay, shoppers may head over to eBay to buy the item. The reverse is also true. Shoppers look at eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Etsy and Poshmark and a whole host of websites with a few taps of their finger or click of their mouse. They are sites that find the cheapest price for products for shoppers. In hard to find collectibles where your item is unique you are less subject to this. As a collectible seller, for you it’s a matter of doing your price research using tools like Terapeak, #ad  so you value your item correctly.

For more common items especially items with barcodes and MPN numbers, if your item is sitting and not selling, look at the price all over the web.

Often a price change of $1 can open the flood gates to more Summer sales! The internet is like the stock market. prices go up and down. When you listed your item the going price may have been XX and 2 weeks later it has dropped as other sellers have come onto the market. Big Commerce did a study  on what shoppers look for. Over 80% of shoppers say price is very influential in their purchase selection.

#2 Mistake Sellers Make That Slows Summer Sales!

Check your keywords in your title!

Is the brand, color, size and important aspects of the item in your title?

Titles are more and more crucial to getting sales online. That is because so many shoppers are on mobile.

On a mobile device your customer is looking at your picture and title on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or Poshmark. Online shoppers make the majority of not all of their shopping decision solely from your title and picture(s). This YouTube will show you how to use eBay search to write titles for your listings that will help in both eBay and Google search.

#3 Mistake Sellers Make That Slows Summer Sales!

Forgetting To Think Ahead!

I was working with a private client this past week. I reminded them to start to set up their social media for back to school. They remarked, “Really?” My response was, “Yes!” Back to school may not start where you are til late August or September, while other parts of the USA start in late July. Look to your products now and decide what you put front and center for people that are shopping for back to school now! With my free Ultimate Guide To Back To School Inventory list you’ll be ready to increase your Summer sales everywhere you sell! Click HERE for yours!

Check prices, check your keyword selection and get busy anticipating the next selling season and you’re on your way to more Summer sales everywhere you sell!
Let me know how these tips help you below.