The Holiday shopping countdown is on and it’s time to make sure your goods are sold and your online customers are thrilled!

Time to thrill online shoppers!

Time to thrill online shoppers!

If you’ve been using the tips found here on this blog and my hit class Secret Sauce for ebay Sales you’re busy packing ebay sales!

Follow these 4 tips to continue your successful selling on ebay, Etsy and your online website. These will work now and right up to Christmas!

  1. Answer any and all questions as fast and accurately as possible. This time of year fast, polite and calming customer service is crucial to capture the sale. If you don’t answer a  potential customer quickly, your shopper will find a seller who does!
  2. Whenever possible ship the same day that the item is ordered. Fast shipping is a must this time of year.
  3. Offer free and or paid shipping upgrades. If a customer wants an item overnight or in 2 days, you want to be the seller that offers that to them.
  4. Be sure to keep sourcing inventory to offer buyers! Online sellers ran away with Black Friday sales this year which means many brick and mortar retailers will be deeply discounting item to meet sales goals. Keep an alert eye out for inventory for you to acquire. Fresh inventory bring shoppers back again and again as they browse your newest finds!
Shoppers are tired and frazzled.

Shoppers are tired and frazzled.

Shoppers are tired and frazzled. Keep this in mind as you answer questions and swiftly pack orders.

Offering great products, kind and professional customer service and quickly dispatching customer’s purchases brings you happy and satisfied customers singing your praises.

Aren’t happy customers the true goal of a successful Holiday selling season?

Fa la la la.