Online sellers from eBay, Etsy, Craig’s List selling and Amazon come to me sadly saying “Kathy, if I only knew…”.  Yes, if they only knew!

When you first dip your toe in the water of online eCommerce often sellers are making money as a hobby. They are selling personal items from their home and/or a few things they pick up locally at thrift stores and yard sales.
yard sales

A seller will chose to grow their business or not.

If you chose to grow your online selling business entrepreneur make sure you don’t make this serious mistake!

Don’t neglect to plan!

Do you use Google Maps on your phone when you travel?! I do. I type in my destination and my current location and bam in a matter of seconds my phone is guiding me in the right direction.

Google Maps cannot help me if I don’t give it my current location and where I want to go.

When you haphazardly source and sell, for the most part you will get haphazard results. 

Professionals in all businesses plan.


Write in a journal, loose leaf binder, post its, Evernote, what and wherever it works for you but write it down. Look at your gross sales numbers for this time last year. What is your goal this month? 20% increase? 30%? You want to set a goal that challenges you and that is attainable. To say you want to double your sales, sounds great  but unless you have massive amounts of new inventory coming it’s unlikely to happen. Why set yourself up to fail entrepreneur?

Pick a goal that is a stretch, but attainable!

Inventory bundles are an awesome misunderstood and under utilized tool by sellers on all platforms! That includes those of you who sell on Amazon, eBay and Etsy! 

Products bundles are a low cost way for sellers on any online platform to grow their business! They have the BONUS effect of increasing your products search results which can also help INCREASE your sales. Bundles are a win-win to grow your sales profits!

My hit class Secret Spice For Online Sales  gives you over 50 ideas for product bundles to sell as you grow you online business!

 My hit online selling class help you grow your business!

My hit online selling class help you grow your business!

Success Takes Planning!

Planning your business growth is exciting. Sit down and grab your pen and paper or favorite app. Start thinking through what and how you want to grow this year! Then get busy taking the next right step entrepreneur!

Don’t Just Dream!

The business that you want to have may start in your dreams, but it comes to fruition through your planning and hard work! I can’t wait to hear about your business growth this year. Take some time now to plan and you are on your way to your best selling year yet!