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Stand Out in eBay Search

Kathy Terrill #1 Top Seller on Amazon Kindle- Stand Out in eBay Search



Has your online business slowed down or not growing at the pace you’d like?
Are you new to eBay and want someone to talk to start your selling out right?

Secret Sauce for eBay Sales

Looking to Sell More on eBay?

Do you want to sell your eBay item as quickly as possible and get cash in your pocket?

Secret Spice for Online Sales

Secret Spice for Online Sales

Do you want to ignite your online sales everywhere  you sell?

Ready to stop your online items getting lost in search?!

The Secret To eBay Sales for Sellers

The Secret To eBay Search For Sellers!


Are you ready to learn the secret for your listing to be found by eBay search?!

This secret is so simple hundreds if not thousands of sellers overlook it.

It’s your LISTING!


How To Build The Facebook Business Page of Your Dreams

Everything you need to build and optimize your Facebook Business Page for your eBay and Etsy Business.

Time to Cruise for Sales

Looking to sell to a niche market that involves marketing to a multi billion dollar industry?

Do you want to know how to sell products that vacation goers WANT to buy?

Are you looking for unique listings that buyers want and other sellers are not offering?




The Short Cut To Killer Sales On eBay!

eBay sellers come to me and ask "Kathy, what is the short cut to killer sales on eBay?" My answer is, "find what eBay customers want and then list it in a manner that eBay and internet search will find it." Running a profitable business on eBay starts with finding and...

Crush It On eBay This Holiday Selling Season!

It is not too early to start planning your sales strategy to have the best eBay Holiday Selling season ever! Success starts with great plans and then executing them! Step #1- Pull Out Your Calendar! Numerous eBay sellers get themselves in a jam by not planning now for...

eBay Sales Power Has Arrived!

eBay sellers are always looking for more sales. The question is how to best accomplish it.   eBay and all of eCommerce selling is very competitive and getting more competitive daily. Everything is about getting found in search. Better search results gets your...
The Essential Guide To eBay OPEN 2017

The Essential Guide To eBay OPEN 2017!

eBay is returning to Las Vegas July 25-28 welcoming eBay sellers to the annual event eBay OPEN. eBay OPEN is a mega conference event produced by eBay for it's sellers. It's a time of celebration and learning for the eBay community. Sellers and staff come from not only...

Amazing Online Summer Sales Tips That Work Now!

If you're having a slow Summer sellers, now is the time to re-group. Let's turn slow sales into awesome sales. You need to take action to increase your Summer sales now on eBay, Etsy, Amazon and Poshmark and quickly. Here we go! If your online sales are terrific,...

Increase Your eBay Sales This Summer!

Sellers have been coming to me for weeks now asking, "Kathy, how can I increase my eBay Summer sales?" Are you ready for the answer?  The answer is, "Work smart" and here's how. Think, what do people buy in the summer? If you can't think of anything jump on social...

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eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Basics

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Online Selling Nothing But Online Selling

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eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores

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Worth every penny!

I had one consultation with Kathy from I love 2 be Selling and we discussed rewording listings. How to pick the best keywords and put them in the correct order. The results! AMAZING!! I sold 13 items in 3 days for a total of $322.05! Well worth the call. If you are thinking of increasing […]

Diane Lassonde

One of the best decisions I made for my business!

I started a FB business page on my own, and it was a complete fail. I chose all the wrong options for someone who sells on ebay. I had no idea how to upload apps to it and it failed. I was at first hesitant to spend money on this guide. I felt silly like […]

Jennifer Marullo

Sales are up more than 50%

After my hour-long session with Kathy I began implementing the things that we talked about and the following month my sales were up by 52%. It was a direct result of following up on the strategies that Kathy offered.

Melinda Schmitz

Secret Sauce

I have been selling on ebay for over 10 years, and I still learned quite a bit from Secret Sauce youtube. Such as, I never thought of placing items on auction on a Thursday, so I could get two whole weekends out of it, among other things.. Thanks, Kathy.

Cleve J. Lolley


Thank you Kathy Terrill for looking at our eBay store and putting us on the right track. Impressions, views and orders have all shot up. Now I am trying what helps more organic traffic? CTR, reviews or something else? We can see the day when this is a full time job getting so much closer […]

Irene Bainbridge

Great tips to increase sales

I’ve been an eBay seller for going on 14 years. I am currently an eBay store owner. This video gave me some simple ways to increase my sales. Going to try some of the ideas now, since they make perfect sense. Kathy always has great selling tips! Thanks!

Glenda Edmunds
Chic Vintage Treasures

I watched her “Secret Sauce to eBay Sales”

I watched her “Secret Sauce to eBay Sales” class and tried to do every single thing possible that she advised! I have had sales everyday since! It’s only the 6th and already a great month for me!! 🙂

Cheryl Zieschang

Priceless. Plain and simple. If

Priceless. Plain and simple. If you want to learn and grow your store then learn from the best. I’m a long-time seller and found Kathy to be a wealth of information that I was able to apply to my store, how I operate it and continue to grow as a seller. She moves fast, so […]

Candi Parente
Consider This Shop