Sellers will tell me  “Kathy I don’t have any Back to School items to offer shoppers!”
Really? Are you sure? Let’s see what do Back to School Shoppers want to buy?
Back to School shoppers purchase clothes for all ages from toddler through adult at all price ranges  and items that are new and gently used.
While parents shop for their children they often grab some choice items for themselves!

School room and craft supplies of all sorts . This includes paper products and of course electronics with all their accessories.
Back packs and bags to carry all the school and sports necessities are also being shopped for.

Dorm Room Supplies are needed as well as everything for outfitting one’s first apartment including pots, pans, knives, forks, knives, spoons,dishes, food storage containers,cleaning supplies, towels, potholders, sheets, blankets, pillows, bed risers, lamps, storage bins in all sizes, hangars,travel mugs, water bottles, can & bottle openers, wine screws, microwaves, small refrigerators, shower caddies, irons, dust busters, blenders and more.
In each of these categories students ( and teachers) want to express their taste and style.
A savvy seller looks to source products that are modern, vintage and or can be personalized with different colors, style choices and even monogrammed.

Do you have some great ideas now? Good for you!
Now go through your inventory deciding what to feature for your Back to School Promotions on your eCommerce site and on Social Media.
Be ready for your shoppers with free shipping, fast friendly customer service, easy returns and exchanges when needed and you’ll be looking at Back to School profits!

Back to school
Photo Courtesy of Avolore