There is a FREE tool on eBay that can increase your sales results! You do not need an eBay store to use this sales tool.

This free tool is under utilized. This tool is often used incorrectly. This powerful tool’s name is eBay Collections!

Using eBay collections can increase customer traffic to your listings.

More views can translate to more sales.

Exposure through eBay Collections can also increase your sales conversion rate, with you turning your inventory over as quickly as possible maximizing your profits as a seller!


More Views Can Lead To More Sales!

More Views Can Lead To More Sales!


When a shopper is on a computer to the right of the main product feed, eBay is currently showing relevant eBay Collections to customers!

You want to take the time to put products into Collections to take advantage of this FREE exposure eBay is giving to eBay Collections!

In a relatively short time you can set up an eBay collection featuring your eBay products for sales.

In this brief YouTube, I walk you through the  process of setting up an eBay Collection.

What is essential to get your eBay collections featured to the right of the main product feed is your choice of keywords.

You also want to micro niche the products in your collection. Rather than a generic collection title of  “Men’s Shirts”, you’d want focus on the style, brand or color of the shirts your selling. Collection titles like “Golf Shirts That Are A Hole In One” or “Stepping Out With Designer Men’s Dress Shirts” will get you better results than the general selection of Men’s Shirts as an eBay  Collection title.

Keywords are also important for the description for your items in your eBay Collection. Don’t overlook crafting a description for your eBay Collection.

Your Keywords Matter!

Your Keywords Matter!

Great keywords in all the areas of your eBay Collection help eBay search select YOUR eBay Collection to be featured to appropriate shoppers!

I have complied over 10 pages of top tips for you in my powerful guide Making eBay Collections Your Sales Weapon!
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Make eBay Collections Your sales Weapon!

Make eBay Collections Your sales Weapon!

I shared my insights on optimizing eBay Collections as an eCommerce guest expert for the eBay Radio Show. I spoke with Lee Mirabel and Jim “Griff” Griffith on this important topic. Click HERE to listen to my eBay radio segment on eBay Collections.

eBay Collections done right are a FREE sales weapon that increase sales for ALL eBay Sellers!