Hi, I’m Kathy Terrill and I am a New York-based professional actress who has more than 25 years of experience in brick- and- mortar retail and over 6 years as an on-air product presenter for QVC, the shopping channel.

I started my eBay selling in small way. I sold items from my Manhattan NYC apartment while caring for sick family members. My eBay business took off! Now more than 10 years later, I am a Top Rated Silver Powerseller with over 10,000 feedback and an eBay influencer. I also sell on Etsy and shop for private clients.

You’ll find me regularly on Facebook as the founder for the seller groups eBay Stores Nothing but eBay Stores, eBay Selling Basics Nothing but eBay Basics, Etsy Shops Nothing But Etsy Shops and Online Selling Nothing but Online Selling.

I am an in demand speaker and private sales and social media coach. I love to share my expertise at eBay and ecommerce events all across the US. My hit online seminars, guides and winning sales and social media tips are available on my website www.ILoveToBeSelling.com.

It’s my passion to help sellers of all levels increase their sales with my practical tips that I glean from my extensive retail and on air selling experience. I am thrilled to equip sellers to build the online business of their dreams!