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Has your online business slowed down or not growing at the pace you’d like?
Are you new to eBay and want someone to talk to start your selling out right?

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Secret Sauce for eBay Sales

Looking to Sell More on eBay?

Do you want to sell your eBay item as quickly as possible and get cash in your pocket?

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Time to Cruise for Sales

Looking to sell to a niche market that involves marketing to a multi billion dollar industry?

Do you want to know how to sell products that vacation goers WANT to buy?

Are you looking for unique listings that buyers want and other sellers are not offering?

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Secret Spice for Online Sales

Secret Spice for Online Sales

Do you want to ignite your online sales everywhere  you sell?

Ready to stop your online items getting lost in search?!

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The Secret To eBay Sales for Sellers

The Secret To eBay Search For Sellers!


Are you ready to learn the secret for your listing to be found by eBay search?!

This secret is so simple hundreds if not thousands of sellers overlook it.

It’s your LISTING!


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How To Build The Facebook Business Page of Your Dreams

Everything you need to build and optimize your Facebook Business Page for your eBay and Etsy Business.

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Increase your eCommerce profits NOW!

Christmas is over. Look at your business's  profit and loss. Look at your inventory on hand.How did you as an entrepreneurial business do so far this year? Did you do better or worse than last year? Are you on target for 4th quarter sales? If you're on target or way...
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How To Grow Your Online Business Now!

It's 3 week til Christmas. Sellers if you are enjoying great sales that is fantastic! You have 3 weeks to continue to do and grow what you are doing in your ebay and Etsy business! Continue to list, run sales, and create and use promotional coupons. Post your...
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Take a Break ! Yes You Busy Entrepreneur You!

Do you take a break busy entrepreneur? Yes you?! And no walking to the kitchen or your local Starbucks is not what I'm thinking about. Meet a friend or relative who has nothing to do with your business for lunch, or coffee counts as a refreshing and restorative break....
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The Secret of Scoring Halloween Sales Using Pinterest!

It's October ebay, Etsy and eCommerce sellers and you know what that means don't you? It means if you are selling anything Halloween related it better be flying off the shelves NOW! If your Halloween sales on ebay, Etsy and your website are on target, great! If they...
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The Secret Of Periscope For ebay And Etsy Sellers!

As an online seller has Periscope caught your interest yet? Did you hear after it's initial launch it had 1 million users sign up within it's first 7 days! The first 7! If you don't know Periscope is a video streaming app you can link to your Twitter account.  So, why...
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eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Basics

eBay Selling Basics Nothing But eBay Basics

Just starting out on eBay? Learning before you start? This is the group for you. Learn from this positive group of sellers where everyone is there to learn and help.

Online Selling Nothing But Online Selling

Online Selling Nothing But Online Selling

This group caters to all online platforms. No matter where you sell, you can join this positive group of sellers on all platforms to learn and grow your business.

eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores

eBay Stores Nothing But eBay Stores

Do you have an eBay Store? Feel free to click and request to join. We do verify eBay Store link. If you are looking for a drama free group this is the place to be.

Etsy Shops Nothing But Etsy Shops

Etsy Shops Nothing But Etsy Shops

If Etsy is your choice for a selling platform this is the group you want. We only talk Etsy and are here to help you grow your business.

Sales are up more than 50%

After my hour-long session with Kathy I began implementing the things that we talked about and the following month my sales were up by 52%. It was a direct result of following up on the strategies that Kathy offered.

Melinda Schmitz

Just watched the video “Secret

Just watched the video “Secret Sauce for eBay Sales”. Awesome tips for eBay sellers! Tons of information on how to and when to do things to boost my eBay sales. Can’t wait to try them out!! Thank you!!

Cheryl Zieschang

Worth every penny!

I had one consultation with Kathy from I love 2 be Selling and we discussed rewording listings. How to pick the best keywords and put them in the correct order. The results! AMAZING!! I sold 13 items in 3 days for a total of $322.05! Well worth the call. If you are thinking of increasing […]

Diane Lassonde

Always good ideas!

Kathy always comes up with good tips and ideas to optimize your eBay store. Secret spice is a good follow up from Secret Sauce. Building up a store cupboard of easy tricks and tips to use to increase sales. Knowing that she has tried out everything first gives you confidence to try them out yourself. […]

Jean Shackell
Yellow Rose Store

Priceless. Plain and simple. If

Priceless. Plain and simple. If you want to learn and grow your store then learn from the best. I’m a long-time seller and found Kathy to be a wealth of information that I was able to apply to my store, how I operate it and continue to grow as a seller. She moves fast, so […]

Candi Parente
Consider This Shop

LUV “The Secret to eBay Search for Sellers”

Kathy has done it again! Full of tips, this e-book will more than pay for itself in increased sales whether you are a novice or seasoned seller. Two things really standout for me: (1)Kathy has links to other resources and other sites to help you improve your listings. (2)The section on item specifics really hit […]

Donna Hornick
Donna's Stuff & More

Great webinar

Kathy’s webinar on How to Prepare Your eBay store for Holiday Profits Pt 1 was packed full of information. I learned how to utilize my store description, store header and store categories. I always learn from Kathy and look forward to hearing more webinars from her! Staci R.

Kathy Loves To Be Selling and Much More

Kathy Terrill Loves To Be Selling but what’s more is she Loves for others To Be Selling too! Kathy makes it a priority to help others realize their dreams. She is always positive, energetic and puts ideas and strategies together in a simple straight-forward way making it possible for online sellers, no matter what ‘level’ […]

Cindy Hallsted


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5 Steps To Move Your Online Business To The Next Level!

Almost daily I am approached by sellers asking me " Kathy how do I start selling online full time?" My answer is "Have a plan for success". There are people that are super successful that seem to grow their business by somehow being in the right place at the right...

3 Hot Holiday Sales Tips That Work For Online Sales!

Holiday shoppers are rushing into retail stores and jumping online to get the gifts they need right now! Use my 3 hot Holiday sales tips to attract eager customers your way and score sales NOW! Are you ready? #1 Hot Holiday Sales Tip - Offer Free Or Paid Expedited...

The Secret To Holiday Online Sales Success!

It's December. The Christmas countdown is ON! Some online sellers are rocking it. Some sellers are in panic mode as sales are not as anticipated. If you're killing it, good for you! Whatever you're doing is working. Continue on. If your sales are slow, now is the time...

Time Management That Works For Busy Online Sellers!

Black Friday is less than a week away! Online sellers are scrambling to have all their inventory listed and promoted on social media. Shipping supplies are stacked and ready to be used. Inventory is stocked, stored and double checked. With Christmas fast approaching,...

5 Tips For Online Sellers To Stand Out This Holiday Season!

Holiday selling is ramping up. There are more shoppers than ever on the internet now. The volume of gift buying shoppers will only increase in the coming weeks. With this huge increase of shopping comes an equally large amount of  listed products on eBay, Etsy, Amazon...

Get Likes And Followers On Facebook Immediately!

Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users! Online eBay, Etsy and Amazon sellers often come to me scratching their heads and ask me, "Kathy, how can I get more followers and likes on Facebook?" My answer is simple, "Share food and recipes!" Want instant engagement...