Practical Tips To Build The Online Business Of Your Dreams!
The Secret To Holiday Online Sales Success!

The Secret To Holiday Online Sales Success!

It’s December. The Christmas countdown is ON! Some online sellers are rocking it. Some sellers are in panic mode as sales are not as anticipated. If you’re killing it, good for you! Whatever you’re doing is working. Continue on. If your sales are...
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Time Management For Busy Online Sellers!

Time Management That Works For Busy Online Sellers!

Black Friday is less than a week away! Online sellers are scrambling to have all their inventory listed and promoted on social media. Shipping supplies are stacked and ready to be used. Inventory is stocked, stored and double checked. With Christmas fast approaching,...
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5 Tips For Sellers To Stand Out This Holiday Season!

5 Tips For Online Sellers To Stand Out This Holiday Season!

Holiday selling is ramping up. There are more shoppers than ever on the internet now. The volume of gift buying shoppers will only increase in the coming weeks. With this huge increase of shopping comes an equally large amount of  listed products on eBay, Etsy, Amazon...
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Get Likes On Facebook Immediately!

Get Likes And Followers On Facebook Immediately!

Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users! Online eBay, Etsy and Amazon sellers often come to me scratching their heads and ask me, “Kathy, how can I get more followers and likes on Facebook?” My answer is simple, “Share food and recipes!”...
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You can get better online Halloween sales in just 10 minutes of work!

10 Minutes To Better Online Halloween Sales Now!

Halloween is just a few weeks away. Online sellers are turning to me and saying, “Help my Halloween items aren’t selling. Kathy, what do I do?!” I answer, “Let’s get to work!” Here is my 4 step plan for you to increase your...
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Sales are up more than 50%

After my hour-long session with Kathy I began implementing the things that we talked about and the following month my sales were up by 52%. It was a direct result of following up on the strategies that Kathy offered.

Melinda Schmitz

Great Information from a Proven eBay Leader

Great information Kathy! You are a proven leader in the eBay marketplace. Thank you so much for taking the time to put “Secret Sauce for eBay Sales” together. I can’t wait to implement your suggestions and see the packages shipping out! Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to make this your best […]


Great webinar

Kathy’s webinar on How to Prepare Your eBay store for Holiday Profits Pt 1 was packed full of information. I learned how to utilize my store description, store header and store categories. I always learn from Kathy and look forward to hearing more webinars from her! Staci R.

The Ultimate Giver – Katherine Terrill

Kathy Terrill gives back to those of us in the eBay Seller community. She ‘pays it forward’ so to speak. Her webinar on How to Prepare Your eBay store for Holiday Profits Pt 1 was one of the best instructional and insightful learning tools I have experienced. She used some Stores which had good presentations, […]

Cindy Hallsted

Don’t just read the tips. DO THEM

I took your newsletter email to heart this morning ( Thursday)and put over 1000 items on 20% off 2 have sold already. ( and the sale ends Sunday night) Thank you …and it’s now Saturday morning and 6 more have sold

I watched her “Secret Sauce”

I watched her “Secret Sauce” video and tried to do every single thing possible that she advised! I have had sales everyday since! It’s only the 6th and already a great month for me!! 🙂

Cheryl Zieschang

Just watched the video “Secret

Just watched the video “Secret Sauce for eBay Sales”. Awesome tips for eBay sellers! Tons of information on how to and when to do things to boost my eBay sales. Can’t wait to try them out!! Thank you!!

Cheryl Zieschang

One of the best decisions I made for my business!

I started a FB business page on my own, and it was a complete fail. I chose all the wrong options for someone who sells on ebay. I had no idea how to upload apps to it and it failed. I was at first hesitant to spend money on this guide. I felt silly like […]

Jennifer Marullo